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 Adele du Rand

Alex Granger 

Aki Kalliatakis 

Albert Gumbo 

Alf McKnight 






 Athol Reid

Beverley Wajsman

Carlos Serena

Colin Browne  

Darryn van den Berg 






Mick McCormick

Douglas Ryder

Graeme Butchart  

Hector Patle Mathabe 

Jacques Velleman 






 Jeff Solomon

Johan Poolman 

Mark Keating 

Mike Byron

Natasha Hardy  






 Nick Christelis

Paula Quinsee

Penny Bramwell-Jones  

 Peter Woodward

Patrice Lasserre






Peter Gilbert  

Ray Patterson

Sarah Bauling  

Tom Fraser

Tony Dovale  






Adele du Rand
Adele is a motivational speaker, leadership coach and strategic facilitator who believes in being inspired at work as well as at life! She helps businesses to achieve their strategic objectives by engaging their employees, managers and leaders. She has passion and knowledge on creating strategies to increase engagement at all levels.

Adele has a variety of career experiences which makes her the ideal speaker to connect with audiences. She started as an investment consultant at a major South African employee benefits company providing analysis and recommendations to pension and provident fund trustees. Later in her career, as a personal challenge and achievement, she started a small business and sold it a year later for a profit. Being in a sales and relationship manager position in the insurance industry for a leading credit bureau provided her with the opportunity to engage with business leadership. She has achieved remarkable results in the facilitation of creative change management initiatives. She engages audiences in her capacity as a speaker, trainer and facilitator. Her ability to involve audiences and achieve clear business results is a reflection of her advanced facilitation skills and engagement methods.

With her relevant and interesting, sometimes very funny stories, content and lessons, she has the power to pack a punch at your event or conference!


Alex Granger

In a world where rapid change is inevitable and disrupting businesses, and the challenges of life are constantly causing individuals distress and fear, here is the voice of reason that transcends change and chaos, and helps businesses and individuals achieve exceptional growth. Alex Granger is Founder and CEO of The Possibility of YOU, a specialist consulting, training, and development firm. The consummate professional speaker, Alex has delivered keynote presentations to more than 15000 people in 2014, inspiring individuals to accomplish their dreams and goals, while assisting businesses to charter a new and more profitable course. As a key resource for conferences, strategic sessions, development training, and business interventions, he has the ability to shift thinking, present new insights, and diffuse complexity. He holds a Leadership qualification from the Gordon’s Institute of Business Science, with a distinction in leadership, and he is also a certified NLP practitioner. Alex has worked in executive and senior leadership positions for blue chip companies such as Bidvest, Imperial, and Tsogo Sun. Alex is also the author of “FIND KEEP GROW: The Radical Art of Sales”.

Alex Granger has had the privilege of doing work for businesses in the financial services and travel industries, such as Old Mutual, Imperial, Standard Bank, First National Bank, Sanlam, Stanlib, Total SA, Sure Travel, Harvey World Travel, CWT, Club Travel, and many more. He has also shared influential platforms with speakers such as Robin Sharma, James Caan, Dr. John Demartini, Bob Proctor, Andy Harrington, Douglas Kruger, Billy Selekane, and Mac Attram. He is a regular speaker at the Marketing Indaba, Sales Summit, and Leadership Indaba, and has been program director of choice for the ASATA conference, SAACI Congress, and APSO conference.

Albert Gumbo

Senior management are constantly looking to motivate staff. There is no better choice than an independent keynote speaker like Albert Gumbo. He is a thought provoking speaker who will motivate staff when companies struggle to light the spark in their employees. He is an inspirational speaker when companies celebrate success.

Change agent

With over a dozen years of management experience in multi ethnic, racial and national environments, in addition to being well travelled, Albert easily slots in to any company environment to make a positive and sustainable impact through his speaking.

Winning teams

Successful teams are made up of winning individuals and when the individual members of a team respond to Albert’s motivation, the company stands to benefit. His topics are calculated to challenge individuals to take stock with a view to making changes where they are needed to take their lives to a new level.


Alf McKnight

Alf McKnight, the founder of Beyond Connection, an organisation that aims at developing a higher leadership consciousness in South Africa, started his career as an employee benefit consultant. Embracing Leadership, is a concept that is based in the paradigm of mutual respect and trust through the use of Dialogue, it will create a sustainable platform for achieving excellence, improved profitability and new levels of harmony between the various stakeholders of your organisation heralding a new era of reconciliation and prosperity for all.


Embracing Leadership will create the environment within which you can:

  • Align the interests of all your stakeholders, with the vision of your organisation and create a shared common purpose through open dialogue
  • Identify where your organisation is within its life cycle and the next steps that are in order to achieve the success that you truly desire in innovative and interesting new ways
  • Reach a shared vision and purpose by engaging your employees in effective Dialogue to allow for the most efficient implementation of your business strategy
  • Work together in harmony with your suppliers, service providers and your employees in order to identify and meet your customers unrecognised needs
  • Learn how to flexibly manage your employees given their personal levels of commitment and competence
  • Develop an understanding of the dynamics within teams and through this optimise the performance of your organisation
  • Become aware of the energy leakages that exist within your organisation and learn the skill of plugging the leaks and rebalancing the energy creating optimal performance within your organisation
  • Become more aware as a person and a more inspirational leader
Athol Reid

After completing an HDipEd (Phys Ed) and teaching for eight years, Athol moved into the commercial sector.

With over 30 years involvement in various businesses and sectors, valuable insights have been gained by Athol into the challenges faced by business execs aspiring to increase the sales, revenue and profit numbers of their enterprises.

Athol is a strong believer that a business can transform in one powerful moment, that moment being when a business manager finally gets clarity on where they need to go coupled with a clear and do-able strategy on how to get there.

Athol founded and heads up the SMART Results Group which trains and equips business momentum facilitators who assist SME owners with the vision, strategy and support to become greater.  

Bev Wajsman

Beverley Wajsman has been in the Performance Development and Consulting profession since 1989. She has a BA degree majoring in Psychology and Education, as well as a Personnel and Training Diploma. Beverley’s career started in the Recruitment and Training fields and after 10 years with Xerox South Africa she started Customer Centric Solutions (CCS).

Beverley’s strength is her ability to recognize that customer interactions are dependent on the caliber and capability of the people within the organisation. She has a thorough awareness of why people under perform and, more importantly, what makes them achieve. This passion is revealed in her efforts to offer customised, practical tools and skills that can easily be adopted by people in their daily interactions with clients and / or colleagues. She has consulted widely in the areas of Sales, Customer Service, Contact Centres and Leadership.

Since being approached to become the S.A. Partner for Gazing Performance Systems International in 2006, an additional dimension has been added to the CCS service offering in the form of tools and skills to sustain high performance. Gazing – whose fundamental tenet is to provide the framework and tools that help people to think clearly and correctly under pressure were enlisted by the All Blacks coach to develop a team to build on existing structures and to assist in mentally preparing the All Blacks – not just in readiness for the World Cup, but during the course of the tournament itself. These very tools and skills are used in business to assist our clients in sustaining high performance when working in a pressurised environment.

For more information about Bev Wajsman or any of the products or services that Customer Centric Solutions offer, please visit
Carlos Serena

I have worked on a number of supply chain projects mainly in South Africa spanning over 17 years, implementing supply chain solutions and software across a myriad of industries in South Africa.

My functional expertise includes a variety of inventory modelling methodologies, demand planning, supply chain optimisation, implementing inventory best practices methodologies and advanced inventory planning systems. My project expertise includes the automotive aftermarket, furniture retail, mining, agricultural and various others.

Clients include BMW SA, GM SA, Volkswagen SA, Subaru SA, Ellerines Holdings, Tyco Trucks, Imperial Cold Logistics, Agrinet, Toyota, Man-Dirk, Midas, Eaton, Silveray.

Colin Browne

The Research - Over six months, I spent time in face-to-face interviews with the CEOs and HR Directors of 70 South African organisations, investigating their views and activities around organisational culture. The purpose was to discover whether South African business leadership regards culture as a business imperative, an irrelevant nice-to-have, or a weapon to use against their workforces. There’s a mixture of each …

The ‘Building a Happy Sandpit’ Keynote and Workshop is based on those findings and is intended to provide solutions to your organisation through the lessons learned by others.

The BOOK - Building a Happy Sandpit is a book which is currently being written and will be completed during 2013. It is an entirely South African book based on research of home-grown, South African businesses only.

The Author - My name is Colin Browne, I am a co-founder of SALESGURU and I am obsessed with organisational culture. My greatest focus these days is on helping organisations to achieve real business benefits through cultural alignment of their workforces.

Darryn Van Den Berg

Hi, you are reading about Darryn and Bronwyn (The Visionary and Creative Directors of the Passion4group) who are totally energised, passionate and excited to bring Gamification to Africa. Leading in the worlds of Learning and Development, OD and now Gamification – “We work with you to increase engagement productivity and performance, enhancing your “User Experience” for your learners, employees and customers, whilst linking Business / Education / and Life in general. We continually seek and provide cutting edge, innovative and simple experiences for your stakeholders to enjoy your workplace, learning and/or your product, ensuring maximise Return on Investment for your company.”

Gamification is currently taking the world by storm as it continues to show returns to companies of both “greater engaged” workforce and customers. It uses the mechanics of Games in non-game environments (but it is not a Game as the name might imply). Passion4Gamification offers a SIMPLE to follow Gamification strategy model, in which our people and clients develop Gamification Strategies through experiential workshops, exciting conferences, engaging presentations and sustainable partnerships. We continue to successfully make FUN engaging strategies, review and enhance processes, impact CRM and other projects in Africa.

Combined with Passion4’s many years of Organisational Development, behaviour/change management expertise, and Business Experience, both internationally and nationally, they love to share and enable business growth into new and uncharted territories.

Come and join their adventure!!

Douglas Ryder

Ryder by name and rider by nature, Douglas is a South African cycling icon. Having captained the national team from 1993 to 2002 and competed in the Olympics (Atlanta, 1996) and multiple World Championships, he also counts winning the Boland Bank Tour in 1995 and the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in 2001 as highlights of his career.

Having raced for various professional teams as well as working for corporate businesses, Douglas brings the perfect blend of passion and experience to his role as team principal.

“The 11 years I spent in the corporate world working for organisations like Lotus, IBM and then Microsoft, taught me a great deal about running a business, managing people and driving for success,” he says. “The diversity of the roles I held in these organisations gave me the perspective of return on business, which I have instilled in our current business of professional cycling."

This business involves sponsoring professional cyclists at the highest level of the sport for maximum sponsor return. “We have a High Performance Team Culture across a UCI Road Team and feeder team,” explains Douglas. “Our goal is to maintain our position as Africa’s number 1 cycling team with a vision to get to the Tour de France with a black African rider. We have a passion for providing riders the opportunities to succeed at the highest levels of the sport and helping them to represent their respective countries in African Championships, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympic Games.”

The winning spirit that saw Douglas lead the South African national team to victory so many times still drives him to seek out and develop the potential in cyclists from around Africa.

“Africa has produced the best endurance runners and the theory is why not cyclists?” he says. “The reasons we haven’t yet produced many great cyclists are numerous, but the major one is that there are no bicycles in the communities for kids to start out on like we all did. Great organisations like World Bicycle Relief and Qhubeka are addressing this by making bicycles accessible.

In 2013, the MTN pro cycling teams were rebranded ‘MTN Qhubeka powered by Samsung’ to support the ‘Bicycles Change Lives’ initiative.

“Mobilising children in communities on bicycles provides them an opportunity to succeed in life by giving them access to education and sport whilst contributing to their communities in terms of growing trees and cleaning up trash,” says Douglas. “The more children on bicycles across Africa the better chance we have to source talent and fulfil our dreams.

Graeme Butchart

Graeme Butchart was born in London to Scottish parents. He grew up in and around London and during the 1960’s. He left school at 15 with little to show for it other than a minor skill in drawing and a passion for football. In 1969 at age 16 half the family immigrated to South Africa.

He studied as an artist and sculptor at the Johannesburg School of Art and with his drawing skill began a career in advertising in the early 1970’s.

As an Art Director in the international agency world he quickly moved up the ranks to become an award winning Creative Director, opening his own advertising agency in 1980. Through his career he worked on accounts such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Nissan, Opel, 702 Radio, Kreepy Krauly, Xerox, Black & Decker, L’Oreal and many more.

Graeme won London International, New York, Clio and Lorie Awards for his creative work and innovative thinking.  After selling his agency shares, Graeme worked as a freelancer for a few years before joining one of the early pioneering black agencies, The Agency (for Advertising and Marketing). Here he worked on a number of transformational accounts in the early to mid 1990’s. 

During this period Graeme was responsible for award winning repositioning campaigns of such accounts as Eskom, SABC, SA Airways, Telkom, SA Post Office and ABSA bank.  Graeme was one of the early advertising industry champions developing and fast tracking black creative talent through the ‘Abekwetha Programme’.

Known for his fluid management style where he allowed people to develop, to explore creative avenues and innovative ideas, whilst providing a nurturing yet disciplined environment – Graeme has a reputation for getting the best out of people.

His management and people skills saw him move from Creative Director to Managing Director at The Agency.  In 2000 after almost 30 years in advertising – Graeme switched from the advertising world to becoming a life coach and educator.

In this role he is able to help individuals that recognise and choose to achieve meaningful and lasting change in their lives. 

Graeme has written and developed content for institutions such as the AAA School of Advertising, Vega Brand School, IMM, Bond University, Henley Business School and GIBS. He has lectured in ‘Art Direction’, ‘Creative Development’ and ‘Communication’. He also lectures in ‘Creativity and Innovation’ as well as ‘Self Mastery’.

Graeme also ‘gives way’ a great of his expertise to NGO’S and community organisations. He has been involved in promoting democracy through Freedom House (USAID) in the whole sub-Saharan region. Using his experience in political communications. 

Today Graeme is a life/business ‘innovation’ coach, trainer and speaker and thrives on helping people rediscover the intuitive, creative and communication abilities that he believes are in everyone.

In 2013 Graeme published The Genius Programme a unique workbook that is designed to innovate individuals and business. By freeing old thinking habits individuals can reinvent themselves and begin to achieve the goals and dreams that have evade them.

The Genius Programme is a practical programme that when engaged successfully shifts the negative and uninspiring habits of thinking that are responsible for the ‘same old’ outcomes. The programme introduces new and empowering behaviours that re-ignite the intuitive creative genius, which resides in everyone.  Once these new behaviours are introduced and practiced – they become the new operating method – delivering the chosen and desired outcomes for life and business.

The Genius Programme is beginning to be recognised as a very useful, logical and a practical innovation intervention for businesses. Standard Bank has begun incorporating the work into their ‘champions’ development programme. Other corporate and smaller businesses are doing so as well. 

Graeme is a member of the National Speakers Association of South Africa conducting talks on innovation and creativity, coaching for success and self-mastery.

He also enjoys accredited memberships with COMENSA South Africa’s Coaching Association.

Graeme also features as a regular Thursday guest with Tim Modise on PowerFM.

Hector Patle Mathabe

Hector grew up (like most black South Africans), surrounded by abject poverty in Madidi village in the North West Province. As he became acutely aware of his surroundings, he vowed that his life would not be relegated to the depravity, poverty and ignorance that defined his native Madidi. After completing High School, he studied for a Public Administration Diploma at TUT (then known as Technikon Northern Transvaal in Soshanguve). He was a founding member of the first on-campus radio station at a black institution while at TUT.

When he left campus with a diploma to his name, he entered the commercial radio industry, starting out as a presenter for the then Radio Bop. He then moved on to work for the I Can Foundation, a motivational and inspirational organisation before heading to Kaya FM 95.9 in 2000. During his tenure as a radio personality, it became clear to Hector and his listeners that he was a motivational speaker in the guise of a radio presenter. By simply looking at his repertoire of engagements over the last 15 years it is clear that Hector has been highly successful in his transition from radio presenter to motivational speaker.

Hector’s commitment to professional motivational speaking for over 15 years has seen him become a founder of “Marang Consulting” which focuses on community development and founder of “The Motivation Company”, which is increasingly becoming the hub of the motivation industry in South Africa. Throughout the span of his career, his main objective has been to motivate people to discover and live their purpose. In this endeavour, Hector has formulated unique, outcomes-based and relevant methodologies that assist people (as individuals and as teams), within organizations to find their passion and perform with vigour and determination.

“Change” has been the only constant in Hector’s life. In the period spanning from mid-2010 to early 2013, there were several developments in his life that have required him to charter new territory in his quest for growth, development and true identity. He has spiritually found a new home and with that a new name that is true to his heritage and progenitors. As a result of these developments, he shall hence forth be known as Hector Patle Mathabe but use Hector Motivator as his pseudonym. While these changes are fundamental and vital, Hector remains; well grounded, socially balanced, and very in touch with reality. Hector also holds a certificate in Business

Psychology and Human Behaviour from the University of South Africa.

Jacques Velleman

Jacques is a Gazelles International business coach. His purpose in life is to help companies and people succeed through coaching, speaking and facilitating workshops. He also has a passion for business subjects that speak to relationships, leadership and purpose.
Jacques has lived in almost every province and loves South Africa. He grew up in the Natal Midlands, went to high school in Bloemfontein, studied in Johannesburg and completed his Accounting articles with a one of the large auditing firms in Cape Town.

Jacques went onto studying BComm Accounting so that he could understand the fundamentals of business. He subsequently completed his honours and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start an accounting and IT services business in Cape Town. Later he became a financial director of a subsidiary of a listed concern In Johannesburg. He then resigned and started a business unit with a new service offering within a very prominent medium size consulting firm in Johannesburg. This is where his love of consulting, speaking and coaching was unlocked.

Jacques experienced coaching first hand in 2004 with an executive coach. The journey was life changing. With a more purposeful outlook on life Jacques enrolled for a coaching course in 2005. His newly acquired coaching skills had a huge influence on his success as a team leader and competent sales person in the consulting environment. In 2005, Jacques also joined Toastmasters and has enjoyed the art of public speaking ever since. He loves bringing a message home to his audience through stories, real life experiences and props. He uses stories to validate practical examples so that the issues of business are grasped and understood in a more clear way by his audiences. Jacques’ energy and passion is contagious and when you hear him speak, you will never be the same!

Jacques believes that relationships are key to unlocking potential in the business arena. He believes that through understanding relationships you are able to see a different perspective and thus create more opportunities.

Jeff Solomon

Jeff is a practitioner in Business Performance Measurement and Management.  Jeff has business experience in manufacturing, distribution and service organisations, supply chain management, business process management and business integration management.

Jeff is a graduate of the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership and has worked with leading public and private sector companies.

Jeff is a thought leader in innovative business measurement practices and is familiar with leading business methodologies and frameworks including Balanced Scorecard, EVA©, Corporate Lifecycles, Hoshin Kanri, SCOR Supply Chain Operations Reference Model, APQC Process Classification Framework and Service-Profit Chain Framework.

Johan Poolman

Johan is the founder and CEO of Mindset Management Programs. He has more than 26 years’ experience in managing a number of consulting and technology companies, both locally and abroad, in fields as diverse as management consulting, business analysis, IT systems integration and entertainment robotics. Some of his successes include Automated Methods (CAD and GIS product development, sold to US-based Autodesk Inc.), Computer Foundation (GIS systems integration, sold to Denel Informatics), and more recently Mindset Management Programs (established in 2005).

Johan has been involved in management consulting and leadership development in one way or another since the early 90’s from both a managerial and consulting perspective. Johan is the developer of a number of management and leadership development programmes, with particular emphasis on people development and productivity enhancement.

Mark Keating

Mark Keating is one of the founding partners and CEO of SALESGURU, which publishes South Africa’s most used sales tool, SALESGURU Magazine. He also runs SALESGURU Live!, by far the largest independent national sales events with over 1200 delegates attending three times per year. Mark has been in sales for over 18 years and along the way has been Sales Representative, Major Account Manager, Sales Manager and Sales Director. Along the way, he has been a continual top producer and brings that experience together with interviewing many local and international top sales superstars in his talks. For Mark, the uplifting of sales as a professional career is a foremost passion. Mark has spoken and emceed for many of South Africa’s leading businesses across a broad range of sales, leadership and customer service based topics.

His style is highly energetic, humorous and fun. Great content and stories ensure audience involvement.

Mick McCormick

Mick started his selling career in London in 1970. After holding several senior roles in sales in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Mick formed the McCormick Institute of Training in 1986. Over the last 30 years, Mick has helped hundreds of companies and has developed over one hundred thousand sales leaders and sales consultants. This and McCormick Institute of Training’s expertise in Sales Leadership, Sales Skills and Customer Experience Training has resulted in developing an exceptional reputation in the market.

Mike Byron

Mike Byron has over 30 years’ experience in the technical application of TV and Video Broadcast, Marketing and Training as well as consummate skills in communication and extensive knowledge of the business world, having worked both in the Corporate, and Media Marketing and Communications arena.

As a Creative Director Mike’s responsibilities include managing projects from concept to completion, translating clients marketing objectives into creative media strategies, and directing the creative team to produce exciting and inspiring productions.

Mike has produced and directed extensive TV / Video programs, TV Commercials, Documentaries and Corporate profiles in a variety of fields, amongst others from business including engineering and mining, to tourism, sport, technology, education, training, health, news and finance.

He has exceptional knowledge on creative application and theme development with proven conceptual skills, a critical eye for detail and the ability to translate complex concepts into clear visual representations and the innate ability to see design constraints as a challenge for creativity.

He continually tracks and implements emerging trends in interactive technologies, content delivery, design styles and online selling and conversion tactics.

Independently Mike Byron offers valuable consultation and advice in corporate communications as well as creative input and development of fresh ideas. His expertise extends to execution of all presentation, advertising and eventing needs, from concept and research to design development and delivery in a variety of digital media.

Mike’s creative services are applicable in the areas of: Marketing and Promotions, Corporate Identity and Branding, Training and Education. Currently Mike places special attention on developing the online Video Market, finding solutions and creating Marketing Campaigns on You Tube and Vimeo TV Channels.

Natasha Hardy

Having worked in television, print and multimedia web content creation, marketing and customer relationship management, along with her experience in relationship, direct and brand marketing for a multinational finance company, Natasha Hardy’s started QBD in 2012.

As a consultant Natasha has worked with clients such as Sasol and Tiger Brands, to medium and small entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.

“I believe that companies are made of people, clients are people too, so marketing should always be personal, it should have heart and above all it needs to be grounded in real engagements with clients.”

Natasha’s passion is to help businesses grow by tapping in to their unique qualities as people and then empowering them to use the Cost Free Marketing Platforms around   them as they connect with customers in new and exciting ways.

Nick Christelis

Nick Christelis is the dynamic and knowledgeable Managing Partner of Nick Christelis & Associates, a consultancy specialising in Aligning Strategy, People and Performance since 1980.  He has an internationally acclaimed reputation as a business strategist, facilitator, coach and speaker. 

Nick is affiliated with the American Management Association and has over the past 30 years presented at thousands of local and international conferences including the MIT Enterprise Forum in Cambridge, Boston and the Joint Management Development Program sponsored by the HEC School of Business in Paris.  He has advised the State President’s Tourism Council on training and development within the hospitality industry in South Africa and has facilitated the highly successful Primedia Broadcasting LEADSA strategy.  His strengths lie in his practical business experience, having been a director of numerous client companies as well as his ability to remain at the cutting edge of worldwide development in strategy and leadership. 

Any presentation by Nick is guaranteed to be dynamic, motivating and challenge thinking, while simultaneously being practical and providing suggestions for follow up actions.

More information on Nick’s philosophy and approach available at

Patrice Lasserre

Patrice Lasserre lived for twenty-five years in the C-Suite. During that time he constantly coached everyone around him and sustainable results have been achieved. As senior executive, CEO and owner-entrepreneur over these years, an integral part of his job was to help individuals push their boundaries, see them grow and therefore strengthen the organisation around them.

Patrice obtained a BSc (Eng) and an MBA in Brussels (Belgium) and is a Professional Engineer in South Africa. His formal education and vast business experience are combined with a passion for coaching. It makes each intervention unique and intensely enriching for the coaches.

He spent over forty years in diverse corporations, in Europe and in South Africa:

  • Telecommunications (9yrs)
  • Information Technology (2yrs)
  • Management Consulting (3yrs)
  • Chemical Industry (5yrs)
  • A State-Owned Enterprise (8yrs)
  • Oil Industry (14yrs)

He was chiefly instrumental in driving the strategy and implementation of beneficial and sustained change in these organisations.

During his professional career, Patrice went to forty-five countries around the world to do business; this gave him a profound insight into scores of cultures. It enhanced his natural ability to relate to individuals of widely different backgrounds.

He practices coaching in English and in French. His focus is on Board, Executive and Business Coaching.

Paula Quinsee

Paula is a certified Imago Educator and Professional Facilitator and NLP Life Coach.

Paula was first exposed to Imago Relationship Therapy in 2006 and was astounded at how powerful Imago is and the tools that one can use to get a better understanding of oneself and one’s relationships.

Having been through the Imago and NLP process as part of her training, she views people and relationships in a different light and as a result has more empathy, compassion and understanding for others by applying these principles to all areas of her life.

Paula has been actively involved in Imago since 2009 conducting monthly workshops as well as co-facilitating workshops with other Imago Therapists.

She was a member of the Imago Africa Board in 2011/2012 and during this time presented at the FutureEd Expo in 2012 as well as at the Imago Africa/FAMSA Dan Siegel Conference in CT in 2013. 

She was a guest speaker at the MultiChoice Women’s Day Breakfast (2012) and has presented motivational talks at several athletics clubs in Johannesburg.

As a competitive athlete, Paula has competed in several adventures such as:

  • Comrades Marathon (14th overall/10th SA lady - 2009)
  • Two Oceans Marathon (15th overall/11th SA lady - 2010)
  • SA Marathon Champs (14th overall, Silver Team Medal - 2011)
  • Completed the 9in9in9 (9 marathons, 9 Provinces, 9 Days - winning 6 of the 9 marathons and placing in the top 5 in the other 3)
  • Cycled from Sun City to Cape Town in 8 days, and then did the Argus, all for charity
  • Summited Mount Kilimanjaro and has walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Paula also has a BBA Marketing Degree with over 14years experience in the Marketing and Advertising field in a corporate environment having worked at companies such as

  • Standard Bank, Nedbank and KFC.  
  • Services:
  • Motivational Talks
  • Workshops
  • Life, Health and Relationship Coaching

For more information about Paula, please go to

Or Follow her on:




Penny Bramwell-Jones

Penny Bramwell-Jones matriculated form the National school of Arts in 1995 with Honours in Dramatic Arts. She Graduated with a 3 year National Higher Diploma in Dramatic Arts at Tut with 5 distinctions in 1999.

She free-lanced as a theatre actress for 7 years during which time she also directed and wrote plays for educational theatre companies. Through her writing experience, she now enjoys copywriting, editing and corporate script writing in her spare time.

Penny lectured voice and poetry at the University of Tshwane as well as at Sibikwe, the Actors Centre and the "Seeds Theatre"- Henley on Klip. She experienced the corporate world for the first time when she became a senior facilitator in a Communications company where she harnessed her skill as a personal development coach training high profile clients from all over South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Personal, Organisational, Team Coaching and development is where her strength lies and her vast knowledge of vocal and acting techniques drives her passion to encourage growth and self-improvement in her clients. Through Penny's entrepreneurial spirit, she founded Voice2act in 2012. Her profile includes customised coaching opportunities for individual contributors, leaders, managers, supervisors, and executives.

Penny is an adjudicator for the National Eistedfos as well as an accredited assessor under the Services SETA. Sor no 150843.

Peter Gilbert

Educated at St Andrews College and Rhodes University, Grahamstown (BSc ,Chemistry & Microbiology with distinction)

14 Years with Chemical services in sales & marketing. 2 years as MD of US chemical specialty company Ecolab Inc. Founded jv with international quality consultancy Philip Crosby Assocs Inc-Served as director of sales & marketing. Sold business to Proudfoot Plc—served as director of sales & marketing for 4 years. Co-founded sales & marketing consultancy Growth Partners–left after 5 years to set up HR Chally SA world leaders in predictive assessment technology, with a special emphasis on sales & marketing positions.

Business partners with Lucidus, world leaders in using value simulation models to build a logically unassailable business case, with client’s input and support.

Go-To-Market sales strategy//Identifying sales talent//Value-Based (Solutions Selling)//Sales coaching//Change Management//B-2-B Marketing. Working with companies to identify “high potentials” so development investments are focused on the “vital few”.

Peter Woodward

Peter has a 35 year career in business software product innovation and creation and management of channel distribution business models.

From an early career with Chrysler, International Computers and BAT Stores, he founded Management Science in 1980 to provide specialist systems consultancy in Clinical Research, Financial Management & Business Intelligence, leading to the development and distribution of software products such as Inside Out and Vision.

From 2004 he served as Global Channels Director at Systems Union Group plc, leading to a long term consultancy with Infor in the integration and development of its global partner business, post a series of acquisitions, leading to the launch of the award winning Infor IPN in 2011.

He founded Apposite Technology Partners in 2012 to leverage his commercial and product experience in a new software distribution business working with novel, compelling applications that provide truly game changing impact such as the DocuSign electronic signing platform.

Peter holds a BSc in Management Sciences and Diploma in Industrial Studies from Loughborough University of Technology.

Ray Patterson

Ray is a passionate presenter with a lifetime’s experience in sales and sales management.
Everything Ray speaks about when delivering his presentations comes from personal experience and he has the ability to really “Connect” with his audience.

Topics / focus areas
Sales Motivational Keynote – Sales Training – Feel Good motivation

Speaker’s delivery style
Energetic and passionate. Ray’s Sales Motivational keynote has no power point; this enables him to really “Connect” with the audience.

Sales Training is presented with a manual and is participative.


Sarah Bauling

Having been the organiser of both small and large events right through to being the MC on the day Sarah is well aware of the importance of having someone who is able to keep the function up beat, introduce other speakers and entertainers, be completely organised and efficient and most importantly keep the show running on time whilst ensuring the audience is having fun!
Whether it is a Ladies High Tea, a Corporate Event, or a function that requires relevant sponsors to not only be thanked but receive excellent exposure, Sarah can guarantee that she can achieve all of this seamlessly.

“19 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry”

With 19 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry, Sarah understands the importance of showcasing your special event or company “do” and will do this in the most professional and appropriate manner.

Sarah is well aware of brand identity, having been involved in creating 3 individual brands for the Harrop Family of companies, most well-known for Bill Harrop’s “Original” Balloon Safaris of which she is the Sales and Marketing Manager.

Sarah has an Associate degree in Speech and Drama attained through Trinity College of London and she has successfully completed various courses on Management, Sales and Marketing over the years.

She is an avid member of her local Toastmasters Club which she joined in January 2013 and currently holds the position of “Vice President of Public Relations”.


Tom Fraser

Tom Fraser strives to make a difference for sustainable growth and development for the benefit of all stakeholders. He strives to do this as a professional independent business consultant and entertaining public speaker. With his more than 30 years in leadership, strategy, marketing, brand & communications in the global industrial manufacturing, engineering/contracting and distribution/retail sectors at management and Group executive levels, his knowledge, experience and insights have developed and grown in well-known, mostly listed, large industry leading global, multi-divisional, multi-brand and multi-cultural corporations.

Tom is deeply passionate about his subjects. As a seasoned guest lecturer at various university graduate business schools and using the public speaking platform, he is an entertaining conference speaker. Tom’s aim when speaking is to inspire and motivate, share insights, knowledge and best practices, and to challenge the status quo, which he does in a dynamic and interactive manner. Tom’s audience engagement style often results in audience members deeply reflecting on themselves and their organisations when they depart.


Tony Dovale

Tony Dovale is a specialist / expert Beyond Motivational speaker who offers high content presentations that have a Motivational aspect, Business Keynotes, Leadership development sessions, Appreciative Team /tribe Building process, Executive Coaching and professional presentations on New World of Happiness at work, Tribal Leadership.

Tony is also the Author of The Action Advantage talks, workshops, sessions and Tribe Buildings Workshops.

Today, Tony focuses primarily on developing Life Masters International Team Building, a successful Corporate Team Building and Personal Transformation, leadership coaching and staff/customer development company, that designs and delivers leading-edge emo-energetic transformational encounters and life changing teamwork events.

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Twitter: @Tony_Dovale



What our Clients say

"The AdvanceNet Group never fails to surprise me.  Where in this day and age does ANYONE receive anything free of charge?  Every single encounter with the staff is professional.  The entire experience;  booking and confirmation, entering at the gate, being received at reception (complimentary car wash!), refreshments, venue, seminar presenters, content and delivery – FIRST-CLASS.  Every service provider claims to value their clients, but your actions speak so much louder than words.  Hats off to AdvanceNet."  Loretta Barnardo-Katergarakis

"AdvanceNet truly lives and  breathes its mission statement to delight its customers. The seminar topics are well researched and have relevance in today's economy, thus always well attended. I trust you are gaining many new customers through these initiatives and I imagine your product and servicing elements portray your mission statement equally. Thank you very much - AdvanceNet definitely leads the pack!" Joanne Bubb


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