Aki Kalliatakis - Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Do the people that you work with dread getting up in the morning to come to work? Most people do, but a few individuals experience the pleasure of working for a boss who makes them feel like they can do anything.

Gloomy research by the Gallup organization that concludes that about 90% of all employees in business feel “disengaged” and uncommitted to the companies that they work for, at all levels of the company – and it’s getting worse! That is awful because it means that most people feel quite demotivated and demoralised by work that is neither meaningful nor inspiring. Of course, this deeply affects customers because they inevitably encounter a shrugging of the shoulders and an attitude of “It’s not my department” from people who they deal with. Many brilliant initiatives to create customer loyalty, improve quality, increase productivity, save money, and enhance the business just don’t seem to come together because there is no “buy-in” from people who work there.

It doesn’t have to be like this, because inspiring leaders are not born – they are made, and you can learn the skills needed to create the vision and get people fired up.

In this seminar, we will examine the practical issues relating to people achieving results: How can you get their commitment, build their skills, and empower them to be successful? How can you effectively bring about a change in behaviour that leads to a new improvement-focused culture? Most managers know that inspiring their staff and getting them more involved is very important for success, but many don’t know where to start.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Time: 09h00-11h00

Venue: St Peters Square, Waterford Place (Off Witkoppen Road), Paulshof, 2128

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"The AdvanceNet Group never fails to surprise me.  Where in this day and age does ANYONE receive anything free of charge?  Every single encounter with the staff is professional.  The entire experience;  booking and confirmation, entering at the gate, being received at reception (complimentary car wash!), refreshments, venue, seminar presenters, content and delivery – FIRST-CLASS.  Every service provider claims to value their clients, but your actions speak so much louder than words.  Hats off to AdvanceNet."  Loretta Barnardo-Katergarakis

"AdvanceNet truly lives and  breathes its mission statement to delight its customers. The seminar topics are well researched and have relevance in today's economy, thus always well attended. I trust you are gaining many new customers through these initiatives and I imagine your product and servicing elements portray your mission statement equally. Thank you very much - AdvanceNet definitely leads the pack!" Joanne Bubb


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