Aki Kalliatakis - Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Buzz Marketing is Not About Bees!

Why Messages Go Viral and How to Harness the Power of Contagious Messages

The elusive ability to get customers talking about your business seems to fail most of the time. Whether it’s a viral video on YouTube, thousands of “likes” in the social media, thousands of cars with your stickers on their bumper, or a talk-show host dedicating 30 minutes to creating hype about your brand, how can you create meaningful conversations to your benefit and build a loyal following? Your random ideas and tactics may not be guaranteed – but there are some notions that can make it possible, predictable – or maybe even probable.

Customers control just about all conversations in all media now - and some companies are learning to harness their voice. They use the internet, many websites and varied blogs, communities which they belong to, letters and e-mails, even banners, to share their thoughts and feelings – negative or positive – and create a more transparent and productive relationship between each other. Indeed, many of them have become modern-day customer vigilantes, and as Chris Anderson puts it, “The ants have megaphones now!”

There are so many great examples of social epidemics that spread like a contagious virus:  Instances where ideas, brands, products and behaviours just catch on. They usually start with a tiny group of influencers, (Malcolm Gladwell called them “… a handful of exceptional people,”) and the power of word-of-mouth, (WOM,) then takes over. It rarely happens through traditional marketing and advertising, great pricing policies, and it’s not necessarily always because the products or services are great, (although that helps a lot.) It’s about art and science together, with lots of psychology thrown in. For example, most people just love to share information, stories and news with others, and they influence others – and are influenced by others - in a very vigorous way.

In this seminar you will hear about…

  • Why this is so important in today’s overwhelming world of too much information, and why word-of-mouth is more powerful than all other strategies put together
  • How to break through all of the clutter
  • The seven steps to harnessing word of mouth, and how to use these to speed up customer decisions
  • How to plan your campaigns using the Five T’s: Talkers, Topics, Tools, Taking Part, and Tracking
  • How to use the six “Buzz Buttons,” (sex, lies and bathroom humour; unusual; outrageous; hilarious; remarkable; and secret,) like the ingredients in a recipe to guarantee success
  • And the six infectious ways to ensure that your messages are worthy enough to go viral, and people will want to pass them on.

And here’s an important secret… It doesn’t require millions of rand to spend on traditional marketing and advertising. (Even better, in the USA it’s estimated that only 7% of word-of-mouth happens on line in social media! And you don’t need to load yet another cute cat video on YouTube!)

People love to talk, and word of mouth marketing can be your hidden advantage that influences customers to buy from your business. 

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Time: 09h00-11h00

Venue: St Peters Square, Waterford Place (Off Witkoppen Road), Paulshof, 2128

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