AdvanceKhaya is a social upliftment programme designed to improve the quality of life of all unskilled and semi-skilled staff employed by the Company. While our minimum wage employees are remunerated at over twice that of the minimum determined by the Department of Labour, it is our experience that very little disposable income typically remains for individuals employed in entry level positions after the costs of transportation have been provided for.

It is for this reason that we have introduced a housing allowance for all employees who earn less than a certain amount each month, a benefit intended to ensure that we are doing our utmost to provide our staff with a reasonable quality of life. While delighted by the fact that this initiative provides our employees with the means to better house, feed, educate and clothe themselves and their families, we are also proud of our contribution to the alleviation of poverty in South Africa by means of this initiative.

What our Clients say

"The AdvanceNet Group never fails to surprise me.  Where in this day and age does ANYONE receive anything free of charge?  Every single encounter with the staff is professional.  The entire experience;  booking and confirmation, entering at the gate, being received at reception (complimentary car wash!), refreshments, venue, seminar presenters, content and delivery – FIRST-CLASS.  Every service provider claims to value their clients, but your actions speak so much louder than words.  Hats off to AdvanceNet."  Loretta Barnardo-Katergarakis

"AdvanceNet truly lives and  breathes its mission statement to delight its customers. The seminar topics are well researched and have relevance in today's economy, thus always well attended. I trust you are gaining many new customers through these initiatives and I imagine your product and servicing elements portray your mission statement equally. Thank you very much - AdvanceNet definitely leads the pack!" Joanne Bubb


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