Accelerate sales and drive company growth

Avolin Pivotal CRM automates sales, marketing, customer service and contact management functions, enabling you to generate and capture leads, win more deals, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth..


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Avolin Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM is a full-featured CRM platform that integrates all the characteristics of successful CRM: flexibility, reliability, smart reporting, and mobile access. Suited to organisations of all sizes, Pivotal CRM solution provides useful insights, adapts processes to business, and helps improve company productivity with a flexible and customizable solution. Pivotal 6.6 provides a sleek and simple interface empowering users to perform tasks efficiently, making it easier to find information and multi-task. Explore the possibilities with a richer, more advanced Pivotal and delight your user community.


Shorten your sales cycle and hit your numbers with time-saving tools and repeatable processes.
Delight your sales team with more, higher-quality leads and get there with less effort.
Lay the foundation for future sales by giving customers responsive, thoughtful and personalised customer service.
Make your organisation easier to do business with. Help your partners sell and assess their performance more easily.
Generate real, tangible value out of social channels.
Give your most valuable sales and service employees access to customer data regardless of their location.